One of first and most important question for people looking for an accountant in Bulgaria is: “What are the accountancy fees?”.

You will often get this question answered with: “That depends, we need some more information before we can tell you”. And yes it actually depends on a few basic things; number of personnel, number of invoices and a few more.

In general the accountants in Bulgaria work with a fixed monthly fee based on a few simple parameters. To give you an idea what to expect we have made a calculator. Please be aware that this is just for information and not binding for you or us. It could be that in your specific situation the numbers will turn out different (lower or higher).

After you filled in the form and clicked on “calculate your fee”. The result will appear at the bottom of the form.

[wpcalculator idcalc=”1″]

Please contact us for an offer and an overview what is included in your subscription.