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Welcome to the website of Aidos – Accountants Bulgaria. We are a company dealing with the administration part of your business. Our services include: bookkeeping & accounting, payroll, VAT and tax preparation and company registrations.

We choose our website to be in a weblog format. In this way we are aiming to create a continuously refreshing and growing knowledge base. Below here you’ll find posts on topics related with doing business in Bulgaria, changes in the law, introductions of our clients and more, what we think may be of interest for you. By following the links in the right hand menu you can find more information about us, our services, or on specific subjects. When you feel something is missing just let us know and we will add it.

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Foreign investors in Bulgaria

foreing investors in BulgariaA small country but yet an interesting destination attracting many foreign investors. Bulgaria is a small country but a real hidden gem when it comes to economical growth. The last years the Bulgaria gets more and more attractive for foreign companies to extend in it. Some of the numerous benefits are low tax rates, developing infrastructure, strategic location, more flight connections to different countries, culture, good climate, delicious food, and these are just some of the few benefits why it is interesting to start a business in Bulgaria.

The largest number of foreign investors at the moment are from Western Europe and the USA. Some of the branches there are involved like: trading, production, finance, IT, electronics, transport, etc.

Investors from Germany include: SAP, Kaufland, METRO, HIT, Willi Betz, Lufthansa Technik GmbH, Siemens, Allianz, Lidl, Liebherr Hausgeraete, ABB, Tengelmann Konzern, Hamberger, Ixetic, Rollmann & Partner, Eichhoff Electric GmbH, Nemetschek AG. There are also some English companies like: Shell, Boyar International, Karbo Ltd, William Hughes, Imperial Tabacco Group Plc.

Other foreign investors come from France (Societe Generale, Carrefour, Schneider Electric, Montupet SA); Austria (Telecom Austria, Eurobilla, OMV, Raiffeisen Bank, Bramac, Palfinger); Switzerland (Nestle, ALPIQ Holding Group, Adecco, Holcim, Socotab); USA (Microsoft, IBM, Johnson Controls, Hewlett Packard, AMIS, News Inc, Sutherland Global Services, Kraft Foods); Japan (Yazaki, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Tokushukaial Corp); Italy, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia.

These are only a few of the large companies but there is one thing for sure – the number of investments is growing fast. Definitely a good destination to invest some time and money in. Most likely there will be more foreign investors coming to Bulgaria the next years.

If you are interested to get to know better the tax laws and requirements, or just start your own company in Bulgaria –  Contact us


Happy Holidays from Bulgaria!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!  2015 has been an exciting year for Aidos. We started the year with celebrating our 10th anniversary. But that was not all, early July we moved to a new office, bigger and brighter. (…we are not planning to move in 2016…) From April we started with yoga and pilatus lessons for our staff, the results are amazing!

Our team grew to over 20 people and since September we have a representative office in Greece.

Our colleague and partner Bozhidara is now a registered lawyer, you can rely on her for all your legal questions. We will let you know when she is ready with her own website.

Just before the end of the year we acquired a participation in the company Virtual Assistants, we are looking forward to develop this brand and its services. More about this in one of our future newsletters.

Check out our holiday calendar when planning your trip to Bulgaria. Our traditional desk calendars are ready, pass by to pick up yours, or download the digital version here.

We want to thank you! For working with us, for your trust. We are looking forward to see you again in 2016!

Daniela and Henk,
The Aidos team

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Tax calendar 2016 Bulgaria

tax calendar 2016

The year is getting to an end. In our office people are getting a little nervous,  and not just because of the coming holidays.. The annual tax returns 2015 are due, the deadline is March 31st 2016. For most accountants in Bulgaria this means the next three months dynamic days full of challenges, the busy days are coming.

The annual tax return is a big job, but not the only tax in Bulgaria to take into consideration. Here you will find the tax calendar 2016, with all the the due dates. There are annual, quarterly and monthly deadlines to keep in mind. When you are not sure about your company or personal taxes leaves us a message in the form under the tax calendar 2016. That’s what we are here for!

Tax calendar 2016

Yearly deadlines;

January 31st

  • filing a declaration under article 61n of LTFA (Local Taxes and Fees Act) for taxation of the annual Licence Tax for the current year

January 31st

  • Self-insured people can fill a declaration if they want to change the type of insurance for the ongoing year (to include the risk “common sickness and maternity” or to exclude if already existing).

March 31st

  • filing an annual CITA declaration (Corporate Income Tax Act) and paying the owed Corporate tax.

April 30th

  • filing an annual PITA declaration (Personal Income Tax Act) and paying the owed personal income tax.
  • filing a report concerning paid income (different from labour contracts)

June 30th

  • paying the first installment for the Transport vehicle tax and the Immovable property tax.

October 30th

  • Paying the second installment for the Motor vehicle tax and the Immovable property tax.

Any taxpayer, who or which prepays the amount of tax due for the whole year from March 1st to April 30th, enjoys a rebate of 5 per cent of the amount of tax due.


Quarterly deadlines:

Filing a declaration under article 55, paragraph 1 of PITA and a declaration under article 201, paragraph 1 of CITA and paying the owed declared taxes from the previous quarter. Tax for the incomes from civil contracts, rents, dividends, Withholding tax etc. are included.

  • for the first quarter: on or before the 30th day of April;
  • for the second quarter: on or before the 31st day of July;
  • for the third quarter: on or before the 31st day of October.
  • for the fourth quarter: on or before the 31st day of January next year;

Article 61p. The licence tax shall be remitted in four equal payments, as follows:

  • for the first quarter: on or before the 31st day of January;
  • for the second quarter: on or before the 30th day of April;
  • for the third quarter: on or before the 31st day of July;
  • for the fourth quarter: on or before the 31st day of October.

Any person who pays the full amount of the tax on or before January 31st enjoys a rebate of 5 per cent of the amount of tax due.


Monthly deadlines:


  • issuing a monthly report on the fiscal devices in trading posts concerning the previous month


  • filing a Value Added Tax Law (VAT) declaration and paying the tax
  • filing a VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) declaration and paying the tax
  • filing an Intrastat declaration and paying the tax


  • monthly corporation tax advance payments. Applies only for companies with revenues from sales above 3 millions BGN and which have declared expectations for profit for the year


  • declaring and paying insurance installments for the previous month
  • filing a specimen 7 declaration for people who had to be self-insured for the previous month

If the deadline happens to be on Saturday or on Sunday then for a deadline will be considered the next working day.