Holidays, Celebrations and non-working days Bulgaria 2018

Public Holidays Bulgaria 2018

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When a public holiday is on a Saturday or on a Sunday it will be compensated with a day off on the following Monday


March 1 – Baba Marta (working day)

March 3 – Liberation day. It’s on a Saturday, so a day off on March 5th.

April 6 – Orthodox good Friday

April 8 – Orthodox Easter

April 9 – Orthodox Easter Monday

Non working days from April 6th until April 9th

May 1 – Labor Day. This year on a Tuesday.

May 6 – St. George’s day. On a Sunday. A day off on Monday May 7th.

May 24 – Day of Bulgarian Education and Slavonic Writing. Thursday.

September 6 – Unification Day. Thursday.

September 22 – Independence day. On a Saturday, so a day of on Monday September 24th.

December 24-26 – Christmas, from Monday until Wednesday.

December 31 – New Year’s Eve. Monday, working day.


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