After more than 10 years we are convinced that we have built a great team with the best people available, we proudly present our Team;


Adios accountants Bulgaria

Henk Overbeek

Co-owner, General Manager, never lets an opportunity pass by. Learn more about Henk here on Facebook, get connected on LinkedIn or email him at

Daniela MalchevaAidos accountants Bulgaria

Co-owner, Chief Accountant. 24/7 leading accountant, “no” does not exist in her vocabulary. 15 years experience with hundreds of companies. Find her here on Facebook, get connected on LinkedIn to get to know her better or email her at

Darina SlavchevaAidos Accountants Bulgaria

Senior accountant, payroll specialist. Quiet working, always ready. We never find her making a mistake. Our secret weapon.

Aidos Accountants BulgariaAntoaneta Stoyanova

Accountant. 5 years at Aidos. Ambitious, focused, dealing with several key accounts.

Veselina Shungarovavesi

Accountant. Already several years of experience in the accountancy world. Still studying, and because of that working only part-time. On maternity leave.

SashoAlexander Todorov

Senior accountant. 2 master degrees and studying for the next level.

Asya TsvetanovaAidos Accountants Bulgaria

Loyal, committed, payroll specialist.

Aidos Accountants BulgariaPeter Uzunov

Accountant, concentrated, social, friendly.

Aidos Accountants BulgariaYavor Yakimov


Aidos Accountants BulgariaDiana Zaneva


Aidos Accountants BulgariaAnna Stoycheva

Junior accountant

Aidos Accountants BulgariaDenitsa Momchilova

Junior accountant

Aidos Accountants BulgariaElena Tsenkova-Zherabska

Junior accountant
Aidos Accountants BulgariaValeriya Kostadinova

Accountant. On maternity leave.

Aidos Accountants BulgariaLiubov Kairyak

All the way from Moldova, native Russian speaker. Liuba is our loyal and trustworthy Office Manager from the early days. When she needs you on Facebook she’ll find you.

Juliana TsvetkovaAidos Accountants Bulgaria

Office manager/accountant.

Aidos Accountants BulgariaRadoslav Kostadinov

For many years out reliable office-manager.

Aidos Accountants BulgariaSava Saavedra

Teaming up with Liuba and Rado as office-manager.

Aidos AccountantsAleksandra Kovandzhiyska


Boryana VarbanovaAidos Accountants

Payrol specialist

Pieter OverbeekAidos Accountants Bulgaria

Freelance, technical support and communications expert.

Aidos Accountants BulgariaTzvetalina Stefanova

Freelance, international tax and accounting expert


bozhidara Bozhidara Karachorova – Lawyer

After many years at Aidos, Bozhidara decided to continue as an independent laywer. We wish her good luck with building up her own lawyer firm!