Where can I find information about my company in Bulgaria?

Company in BulgariaCompany in Bulgaria

The information about all companies in Bulgaria is free available on the website of the Bulgarian Trade Register – http://www.brra.bg/ . The website is only in Bulgarian, but with a little help from Google translate or a friend you should be able to find the information on your company in Bulgaria.

  1. Click “Справки” (references) This is the third link in the left hand menu.
  2. Here you click on “Справка по физическо или юридическо лице” (reference on physical or legal entity).
  3. For companies you choose here “юридически лица” (legal entity).
  4. Now fill in the bulstat number of your company or the company name in Cyrillic (without OOD/EOOD).
  5. After filling in the code at the top you click “Търси” (search).

Now you’ll see all what is publicly available on your company. The information includes; the incorporation deed and filed financial reports. When nothing appears likely your company has not been registered yet or not been re-registered yet (deadline for re-registration is 31/12/2011).

In case you don’t manage to find what you need just give us a call.

More information about starting a company in Bulgaria you can find here: Starting a business in Bulgaria.

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