Lottery with cash-receipts in Bulgaria

Lottery with cash-receipts in Bulgaria


On November 16th the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency (NRA) started a Lottery with cash-receipts. The lottery will go on for one year – up until December 11th 2016. This initiative is to serve as motivation for the people to claim their official cash-receipts following purchases in shops and restaurants and other service-providing establishments. This way the NRA hopes to get more control over the turnover of the Bulgarian companies. The Agency has launched a website dedicated to the lottery game, Lottery with cash-receipts, where you can register every cash-receipt that you have, regardless of the service, the product, or the cost.

A total of 65 prices will be given away in the course of the year. Once per week a smartphone will be given away, once per month a smart television, and the jackpot at the end of the lottery: a car. The weekly winners of the Lottery with cash-receipts are to be announced every Sunday on Bulgarian National Television in the program “The day starts with Georgi Liybenov”. The monthly winners are to be announced on the last Sunday of every month.The first owner of a brand new smartphone will be announced on 20th of December this year. The first monthly winner will be announced on January 10th 2016. The winner of the car, will be announced on December 11th 2016.

In order to participate in the lottery you first need to create a personal account at the website of Lottery with cash-receipts. A single cash-receipt can be added by multiple users, so if you are a family you can make few personal profiles and add the same receipt. This way your chance of winning will get higher. The information you should enter from the cash-receipts is: date, hour, and the amount of the receipt .

To participate in the lottery you must be a Bulgarian citizen, minimum 14 years of age. You may enter as many cash-receipts as you wish. Every other cash-receipt increases your chance of winning. Only cash-receipts issued between November 16th 2015 and December 11th 2016 are valid. The cash receipts must be official, they should have printed on them “Фискален бон”. Be aware of any kind of receipts without “Фискален бон” printed on them or when you are not given a cash-receipt at all. It is actually the duty of the customer to request the proper cash-receipt. Furthermore it is important that you keep the cash-receipts that you enter, until the end of the lottery in order to prove your entry in case you win.

More information and terms you can find on the website of Lottery with cash-receipts.

Good luck with collecting cash-receipts!

(By Sava Saavedra and Radoslav Kostadinov)

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