Buying Property in Bulgaria

Buying property in Bulgaria is popular. But before doing so it’s worth reading the article below by James Flint, Sofia Casa.

Free Snagging Master-class! (Off-plan Residential Construction in Sofia)

Before I go to snag an off-plan property during the build or at completion stage I have a checklist of common defects that I have witnessed over and again during my 8 years on the job here in Sofia. I can almost guarantee that to some degree or other I will find many of the defects listed below when I go on site to perform due diligence for my clients. When I uncover a gem of a build that avoids most of these defects I am almost overwhelmed with admiration towards the Constructor/Developer as its such a rare occurrence and entails a lot of attention to detail planning and daily control on the site, sadly lacking on all to many off-plan builds here in Sofia, Bulgaria!

The checklist below is not light reading, no apologies there, it is designed to help buyer’s know what to look out for before they make final stage payment for handover on completion. Send your representative or go yourself armed with this checklist to inspect for defects and ensure that the state of completion is satisfactory. Get the developer to rectify as many defects as you can before you succumb to the lawyer or agent’s pressure to make you pay that last tranche!

Find the full article and checklist here.

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