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Virtual Assistants

Virtual AssistantsMost of the office working tasks can be performed virtually, having in mind the rapid development of the communications and technologies. That is the perfect time to use services by Virtual Assistants (VA).

Your Virtual Assistant performs a variety of business activities, ranging from the preparation of documentation and organization of business and personal schedule, marketing and PR services, specialized business support, including VIP and personal support. The ultimate goal of Virtual Assistants company is to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Virtual Assistants come from various business fields. Generally, they have several years administrative experience earned in the real (not virtual) business world, taking on job positions such as administrative assistant, personal assistant, secretary, legal assistant or secretary, office manager, marketing and PR expert, IT specialist and many more. Virtual services can be performed anywhere, regardless of the physical location, it is enough to have access to the Internet and / or telephone line.

The company was founded in the end of 2009 by Vanya Osmanlieva. Its main business activity is to provide virtual services related to the administrative organization of the business. Virtual Assistants execute all the working tasks that the management can not afford to do, while it is focused on his core business.

At the same time the company takes care of the attractive image and sophisticated style of the individual and business customers. The focus of the work is to provide high quality at reasonable price – the best price/quality ratio. Quality is guaranteed, thanks to the established internal company standards and procedures, business processes and activities that are based entirely on Lean philosophy and the business model of Toyota.

Our Motto: “We Make Your Workdays Shorter!”

Virtual services are very useful to every business and save a lot of time and financial resources of the companies, especially to those who enter the market now – foreign and Bulgarian companies and SMEs. Meanwhile, Virtual Assistants company provides virtual services to large corporations whenever they want to make business activities or researches under strict confidentiality, without the knowledge of their employees and without internal leakage of information or rumors. One of the main priorities of the Virtual Assistants company is to support these companies for their successful business growth and development.

“The team of Virtual Assistants is focused on the actual results of their work and are available 24/ 7/ 365. – says Ms. Osmanlieva – No matter if we provide you personal support, organize your schedule, prepare documents or other administrative and specialized business tasks, our goal is for you to get maximum results, while saving you time and money. Focus on your core business and leave the rest to us. ”

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Business Card;

Name: Vanya Osmanlieva
Born on: 30/08/1985
Education: Master of Business Administration
Additional qualification: Specialist in Business Management
Founder at: Virtual Assistants Ltd.
Contacts:; +359 895 687 834

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