Weekend Tax in Bulgaria

Weekend Tax BulgariaIt is official – weekend tax in Bulgaria has been approved.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria has adopted so called ’’weekend tax’’. It is valid from 01.01.2016.

The members of the parliament agreed that company vehicles and mobile phones will have 10% weekend tax. This tax is calculated depending on the specific tax base and different company assets.

There are three groups from the company assets that are included – property, cars, others.

When properties are used for personal purposes, it is important the size of the area or how long it is used.

The employer can decide how much the vehicles are used privately. Also, it is possible to declare 50/50% – private/company needs.

Mobile phones and laptops are in this category. The employer can declare directly 20% private usage of these devices.

One thing is for sure, the weekend tax will have its influence on how the company/private costs are calculated.

Please contact us when you want to know more what the weekend tax means for you company.

Source: http://www.economy.bg/business/view/25403/Danyk-uikend%E2%80%9C-vliza-v-sila-sys-zadna-data

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