Staying permit Bulgaria for non EU residents

Staying permit Bulgaria for non EU residents

The foreigner should meet point I and one of the following conditions under point II.

Permission for permanent residence can receive foreigners who have long-stay visa valid for up to six months and with the right of residence to 180 days (to be issued to a foreigner who wishes to establish a long-term or permanently in Bulgaria)

1. willing to work under an employment relationship with the authorization of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy;
2. operate commercially in the country by the legal order as a result of this activity have disclosed at least 10 jobs for Bulgarian citizens unless otherwise stipulated by an international treaty, ratified, promulgated and entered into force for the Republic of Bulgaria;
3. are admitted to regular training in licensed establishments;
4. are foreign specialists staying in the country under international treaties to which Bulgaria is a party;
5. have grounds to be granted permanent residence or are married to a permanent resident in the country;
6. representatives of foreign companies registered with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce;
7. are financially secured parents of permanent residents in the country or a Bulgarian citizen;
8. received long-term treatment in a hospital and have funds for treatment and support;
9. are correspondents of foreign media and have accreditation in Bulgaria;
10. Pensions are provided with sufficient means of subsistence in the country;
11. operating under the Law on Investment Promotion;
12. are family members of a foreigner who has been granted permission to stay;
13. are parents of a foreigner or in concubinage with a foreigner who has been granted permission for permanent residence pursuant to Art. 22, para. 3 FRBA;
14. wish to carry out freelance after authorization by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, in accordance with Art. FRBA 24a;
15. wish to carry out a profit after permission from the Ministry of Justice under the terms and conditions set by the Minister of Justice, in consultation with the Minister of the Interior;
16. are granted special protection under Art. 25 of the Law on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings;
17. members of the family of a Bulgarian citizen under Art. 2, para. 2 FRBA.

These persons should be provided with accommodation, maintenance, insurance and compulsory insurance under the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Documents required to be submitted as attachments to the application depends on whether you base (1-17) apply.

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