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Working in Bulgaria: Freelancer vs. Company Registration

Welcome to Bulgaria! If you’re considering setting up business here, you’ll need to decide whether to register as a freelancer (self-employed) or establish a company. This article will compare both options, helping you choose the best fit for your situation.

Freelancer Registration:

Freelancer registration is a simpler and faster option, ideal for solopreneurs with limited expenses. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Benefits:
    • Easy Setup: Registration is straightforward and can be completed within a week.
    • Lower Costs: Initial registration and ongoing accounting expenses are generally lower than for companies.
    • Tax Advantages: You benefit from a flat 10% income tax rate after deducting a fixed 25% for expenses, regardless of your actual spending.
    • Flexibility: You have more control over your work schedule and business structure.
  • Drawbacks:
    • Full Liability: You hold full personal liability for your business debts and obligations.
    • Limited Access to Financing: Securing loans or investments can be challenging as a freelancer.
    • Higher Social Security Contributions: Social security payments are based on a minimum income threshold, which can be higher than your actual earnings.

Company Registration:

Company registration offers a more formal structure and may be suitable for businesses with growth potential or those planning to hire employees.

  • Benefits:
    • Limited Liability: Your liability is limited to the company’s capital, protecting your personal assets.
    • Access to Financing: Companies have better access to loans and investments.
    • Professional Image: A company registration projects a more established and professional image.
  • Drawbacks:
    • Higher Costs: Company registration and ongoing accounting fees are generally more expensive than freelancer registration.
    • More Complex Setup: The registration process involves more steps and formalities.
    • Double Taxation: Companies pay a 10% corporate tax on profits, and owners may pay additional taxes on dividends.

Choosing the Right Option:

The best registration option depends on your specific circumstances. Here are some key considerations:

  • Business Size and Growth Potential: If you’re a solopreneur with limited expenses, freelancer registration might be sufficient. However, if you plan to hire employees or experience significant growth, a company structure might be more suitable.
  • Liability Protection: If limiting your personal liability is a priority, a company offers that protection.
  • Financial Considerations: Weigh the registration and accounting costs associated with each option.
  • Tax System: While both options involve social security contributions, the minimum income threshold can lead to higher contributions for freelancers compared to their actual income. Companies have a separate tax structure with corporate tax and potential dividend tax.

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