Tax on plastic bags in Bulgaria

Tax on plastic bagsplastic bags

Since a few weeks in more and more shops the sellers ask you if you want a bag with your goods. The reason is not that we got environmental in Bulgaria all of a sudden but the government imposed a new eco tax on plastic bags.

The new law is in force from October 1st 2011. Producers and importers of plastic bags have to add 0,15 BGN eco tax to the bags with a thickness up to 15 micron. The expectations are that this will go up in the coming years.

A quick search reveals that in Bulgaria about 1,5 billion plastic bags are used yearly. Assuming that the new tax will help to decrease this number the state budget will still benefit over a 100 million BGN. Some retailers will see a business opportunity here and make some stotinki on the bags.

Hopefully the result is that we won’t see plastic bags anymore everywhere we go.

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