Vehicle registration

One of the greatest joys in any driver’s life is to buy a new car. Sometimes the business in your company requires the purchase of a vehicle for its operations.
Finding a car takes time because you invest in finding exactly what you need. Subsequently, the buying moment comes.
However, after the great joy, we should not forget that we also have some obligations.

Within 1 month of the purchase date, the Buyer is required to register, or re-register, the vehicle purchased.
The different cases in which we are obliged to register or re-register the vehicle, whether the Buyer is an individual or a company are:

  • Vehicle registration of a new import
  • Re-registration from one administrative district to another
  • Re-registration on change of ownership

It is important to know that we will have obligations to the traffic police, when selling and exporting the vehicle out of the country, in connection with its proper de-registration.

For more information on how and what you need to acquire a vehicle, for advice and assistance with the registration/ re-registration or de-registration of your vehicle, you can email us at or call us on +359 (0) 2 981 3082.

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