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Holland Hires RecruitmentHolland Hires Recruitment

Holland Hires is a recruitment company offering positions for highly educated technical professionals in the area of Physics, Mathematics, Robotics, Mechatronics, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Quality Management, Research and Development, Chemistry.

Because of the many environmental challenges, new requirements and investment opportunities at present, and the energy transition that is taking place towards a low carbon society, we are supporting the improvement of the sector by offering recruitment services to candidates and companies to identify ‘green talents’, both local and internationally.

We therefore started a new business line for (young and older) professionals working in green and environmental arenas: renewable energy, clean tech, environmental, sustainability, and related areas, both for companies, authorities as well as NGOs.

Holland Hires is working both with companies in Western Europe as well as with leading organisations in Bulgaria.

Apply for our (job) updates on: www.HollandHires.com

Direct contact: info@HollandHires.com

Virtual Assistants – Make Workdays Shorter

Virtual Assistants

Virtual AssistantsMost of the office working tasks can be performed virtually, having in mind the rapid development of the communications and technologies. That is the perfect time to use services by Virtual Assistants (VA).

Your Virtual Assistant performs a variety of business activities, ranging from the preparation of documentation and organization of business and personal schedule, marketing and PR services, specialized business support, including VIP and personal support. The ultimate goal of Virtual Assistants company is to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Virtual Assistants come from various business fields. Generally, they have several years administrative experience earned in the real (not virtual) business world, taking on job positions such as administrative assistant, personal assistant, secretary, legal assistant or secretary, office manager, marketing and PR expert, IT specialist and many more. Virtual services can be performed anywhere, regardless of the physical location, it is enough to have access to the Internet and / or telephone line.

The company was founded in the end of 2009 by Vanya Osmanlieva. Its main business activity is to provide virtual services related to the administrative organization of the business. Virtual Assistants execute all the working tasks that the management can not afford to do, while it is focused on his core business.

At the same time the company takes care of the attractive image and sophisticated style of the individual and business customers. The focus of the work is to provide high quality at reasonable price – the best price/quality ratio. Quality is guaranteed, thanks to the established internal company standards and procedures, business processes and activities that are based entirely on Lean philosophy and the business model of Toyota.

Our Motto: “We Make Your Workdays Shorter!”

Virtual services are very useful to every business and save a lot of time and financial resources of the companies, especially to those who enter the market now – foreign and Bulgarian companies and SMEs. Meanwhile, Virtual Assistants company provides virtual services to large corporations whenever they want to make business activities or researches under strict confidentiality, without the knowledge of their employees and without internal leakage of information or rumors. One of the main priorities of the Virtual Assistants company is to support these companies for their successful business growth and development.

“The team of Virtual Assistants is focused on the actual results of their work and are available 24/ 7/ 365. – says Ms. Osmanlieva – No matter if we provide you personal support, organize your schedule, prepare documents or other administrative and specialized business tasks, our goal is for you to get maximum results, while saving you time and money. Focus on your core business and leave the rest to us. ”

Visit our website.

Business Card;

Name: Vanya Osmanlieva
Born on: 30/08/1985
Education: Master of Business Administration
Additional qualification: Specialist in Business Management
Founder at: Virtual Assistants Ltd.
Contacts: office@virtualassistants.bg; +359 895 687 834

International tax attorney Bulgaria

Anelia Tatarova


In the last few years Bulgaria has become known for its favorable direct taxation system.

Many foreign investors look at the country as a potential business starting point due to the 10% corporate income tax rate. That rate makes the state attractive destination also when businesses reallocate highly profitable business activities.

Foreign individuals are looking to become tax residents in Bulgaria to benefit from the 10% personal income tax flat rate on their worldwide income.

But how does it exactly work? To get an answer on these questions we are working together with;

Anelia Tatarova. Anelia is a Bulgarian tax attorney specialized in local and international tax law.

She obtained Advanced LL.M. in International Tax Law from International Tax Center, Leiden, the Netherlands.

Anelia has 2 years of experience as an accountant and 6 years of experience in tax law working for PWC and some of the biggest local and international law firms.

Her main areas of expertise are: Local and International Tax Planning and Structuring; VAT; Withholding Taxation; EU Tax Law; Tax Litigation; Business Restructuring; Customs and Excise Duties.

Anelia is our Of counsel on any tax related matters.

Check out her website for more information and contact details.

Buying Property in Bulgaria

Buying property in Bulgaria is popular. But before doing so it’s worth reading the article below by James Flint, Sofia Casa.

Free Snagging Master-class! (Off-plan Residential Construction in Sofia)

Before I go to snag an off-plan property during the build or at completion stage I have a checklist of common defects that I have witnessed over and again during my 8 years on the job here in Sofia. I can almost guarantee that to some degree or other I will find many of the defects listed below when I go on site to perform due diligence for my clients. When I uncover a gem of a build that avoids most of these defects I am almost overwhelmed with admiration towards the Constructor/Developer as its such a rare occurrence and entails a lot of attention to detail planning and daily control on the site, sadly lacking on all to many off-plan builds here in Sofia, Bulgaria!

The checklist below is not light reading, no apologies there, it is designed to help buyer’s know what to look out for before they make final stage payment for handover on completion. Send your representative or go yourself armed with this checklist to inspect for defects and ensure that the state of completion is satisfactory. Get the developer to rectify as many defects as you can before you succumb to the lawyer or agent’s pressure to make you pay that last tranche!

Find the full article and checklist here.

For due diligence services in Sofia contact James Flint, Director, Sofia Casa Ltd.

HP: +359 (0) 897 684 208
Tel:+359 (0) 2 953 01 16
Fax:+359 (0) 2 953 01 16

How to close a company in Bulgaria

The use of this article is allowed by the courtesy of:
Quest Bulgaria – Online Property and Lifestyle magazine.close company in Bulgaria

Liquidation Of The Trade Company Registered In Bulgaria

The procedure of ‘closing’ of a trade company in Bulgaria is called ‘liquidation of the company’ and this procedure is approved by the Trade Law of the Republic of Bulgaria which regulates all the requirements for starting and performing of the liquidation.

Bellow we shall give an explanation and description of this procedure for the company that is registered in Bulgaria and does not own any property.

The liquidation starts with the application regarding issuing of the certificate about starting of the liquidation of the company filed to the territorial directorate of the National Revenue Agency (NRA) where the company is registered. Issuing of this certificate by the NRA takes about a month.

The certificate should be filed to the Trade Register at the Registry agency along with the decision of the management body of the company regarding liquidation of the legal body, election of the official liquidator and defying of the term of the liquidation.

The official liquidator has to be registered at the Trade register and from the moment of his registration the liquidator carries on all the duties and obligations of the representative of the company before physical persons, legal bodies and government authorities.

A liquidator can be a person appointed who is a part of the company’s management body or a third person elected by the management body to fulfill all the obligations of the liquidator.

The liquidator is responsible for his actions before the company as long as before other persons, government authorities and etc.

According to the effective Trade Law of the Republic of Bulgaria after registration of the decision about liquidation of the company at the Trade register the company’s representative should issue and send an invitation to all the creditors of the company. The Law says that all the creditors have six months to present their claims to the company that is going to be liquidated. Since the Bulgarian Trade register is public it gives the possibility all the creditors to be informed that there was started a procedure of the liquidation and to lodge claims.

After expiration of 6 months, in case there are no presented claims from the creditors, the company’s representative can proceed with the deletion of the company from the Trade register. In order this deletion to be made the liquidator should receive documents issued by the National Social Security Institute of Bulgaria which documents should verify that:

1. the company has had persons employed on labour contracts and all the accounting documents (payslips) were transferred to the National Social Security Institute of Bulgaria
2. The company has not had persons employed on labour contracts and have not transferred accounting documents to the National Social Security Institute of Bulgaria.

It is necessary for the company to prepare all the required accounting documents during the period of liquidation, which is a minimum of six months from the date of publishing of the invitation to all the creditors at the Trade register. Those documents have to be prepared at the time when the procedure of liquidation is started and at the time of finishing of the procedure.

During the period of liquidation the company is obliged to submit an Annual Finance Report to the Trade register.


In case the company has no obligations for the unpaid taxes or other obligations, we, at ‘Bulgaria Legal’, offer one of our company solicitors to become a liquidator and to perform the procedure of liquidation.

We can also offer accountant services provided by certified accountants who can prepare all the accounting documents needed.

Our fee depends on the fact whether the company:
3. have had persons employed according to labour contracts and all the accounting documents (payslips) were transferred to the National Social Security Institute of Bulgaria – in this case the fee will be calculated after consultation with the accountant
4. have not had persons employed according to labour contracts and have not transferred accounting documents to the National Social Security Institute of Bulgaria – in this case our fee will amount to 650 Euro and will include preparing of all the necessary documents that would be submitted for signature to the management body of the company and representation before all the necessary authorities during the minimum required term of liquidation /6 months/.

This cost of our fee does not include costs and taxes in connection with issuing and submitting of documents and are additionally paid by the client.

Trade register taxes are paid during filing of the documents to the Trade register and the amount is approximately about 200 levas.

Article courtesy of Ksenia Ievleva from Bulgaria Legal

IWC Charity Bazaar Sofia

This year’s IWC (International Women’s Club) Charity Bazaar will be held for the 17th time. It will take place on the 4th December from 11.00am until 5.00pm at the Inter Expo Centre Sofia. (Blvd. Tsarigradsko Shose 147)

Last year’s Bazaar was very successful. Around 50 countries participated, over 8000 visitors were passing by and a sum of BGN 300 000 was raised. The Dutch stand alone generated over BGN 10 000, one of the best selling tables. The entire amount was used to support charity projects throughout Bulgaria. Some of the projects include The Soup Kitchen, Hospice Miloderdie, Children’s Homes in Petrovo, Buzovgrad, Totleben and Varna, Children “who care” project, Family-type Home, Otets Paisii School and a Scholarship Program. If you would like to see more of these projects please see the attached brochure.

This year the Dutch Stand will focus on clothes and food such as Dutch cheese, eggs and Dutch apple-pie. A part of the Stand will be decorated like an “Old Dutch pub” where you can buy coffee with a treacle-waffle (stroopwafel). There will also be Dutch pea soup with Dutch smoked sausage and Heineken beers. For the kids there will be the possibility to play Old Dutch games.

The volunteers of the Dutch Stand, the IWC and of course, all the projects that are being supported, would appreciate it enormously if you would like to support the Dutch stand with clothes, food or a monetary donation.

If you are one of the sponsors at the Charity Bazaar, the IWC will express its gratitude to you in several ways: acknowledging your company in the IWC newsletter, on its website and in the following year’s Charity Projects Brochure. The logos of our Gold Donors (those who donate 800 leva or more) will be displayed on the day of the Bazaar to be seen by the thousands of visitors.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Bazaar and we really hope that you will be able to contribute towards this worthy cause and make the Dutch stand an even bigger success than last year.

If you would like to help or if you have any questions concerning how you can contribute, please kindly contact me before the 12th November

For more information please contact;

Fleur Brinkerink-Messer